Curicancha Cloud Forest Reseve, is on the best spots for bird watching and highly recommend by other travelers. The reserve has different types of forest including primary and secondary cloud forest giving you the chance of observing quetzals and howler monkeks. The best way to visit Curicancha Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde is with a guide. Tours usually depart every day at 7:30 am from our front desk and they take around 3 hours. After visiting the Curicancha Cloud Forest guides usually take you to the famous Cheese Factory where you can buy one of the best Milkshakes. Curicancha Cloud Forest has a maximum of 40 people a day, so it’s more private than the other reserves.


Price of tour: $43 p.p

Including transportation, entrances, guides and the visit to the cheese factory.

$35 p.p if you have a rent a car.