Travelling from Monteverde to Nicaragua in one day via Public Bus.
By: Andrés Gómez R.

From Monteverde to Nicaragua there are several options. The best options are using Transnica or regular public bus the entire way.
Transnica: Is an international bus that departs San Jose in the morning and stops in the highway for people coming from Monteverde, and then continues to Nicaragua. In order to catch the Transnica International bus, you must leave at 4:15 am from Monteverde, Via Public Bus Monteverde – Las Juntas, this bus leaves infront of  ” Panaderia Jimenez”  in down town Santa Elena, and it takes 2 hours to get to ” La Irma” where the Transnica Bus will stop for you. In order to get on the Transnica bus, you must first book the Ticket  with Transnica in San Jose or with us once here in Monteverde. This is the best option to travel form Monteverde to Nicaragua Email us if you have further questions.
Buses can be up to 30 minutes late or early in Sardinal , depending on trafic conditions, but they are regularly on time.